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Located in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles,  Savage Learning Environment  is a safe and nurturing space where our learners share their thinking with pride, and engage in each other's ideas with kindness.  Here, each learner shines in unique ways, we pay attention to our emotions, we resolve conflicts together, and we laugh plenty as we grow in our critical literacy and mathematical abilities. 


We offer learning clubs, individual learning partnerships, as well as coaching sessions for parents and caregivers of homelearning families.  We are also down to create new options with and for the community.  

SLE LOGO no words.png

Our Mission

We create, maintain, and protect a small and flexible learning environment that centers the lives, communities, gifts, and ourstories of Black and Brown children and families.  We curate learning opportunities that invite and affirm self-directed and community-oriented learning.  We put humanity first, and we welcome all into our village.​

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SLE LOGO no words.png

 Word on the Street

"SLE is doing a great job supporting our family as well as the community.  We love what SLE represents - a safe, loving place for our children to flourish. My children have a place where they can come and be themselves with like-minded people."

"SLE - Arnold and Zeba - have modeled a supreme service and answer to the community of BIPOC homeschoolers.  Having beautiful representation and expansive, inclusive, and vibrant curriculum and experiences is gold!  We love the clear and prompt communication, open hearts, loving and giving community. There is no 'better support' than the attention to care and detail when they have our children in their care. This was one of the best decisions I made for my girls!" 

"SLE is a great staple in the community. We love that they provide a loving, safe, welcoming, educational, free thinking with guidance and support, fun environment for our family to learn and grow. We appreciate their flexibility, their variety of activities that fit the way our kids learn, and their emotional compassion. They are a pillar in our village." 

"SLE has been such a blessing to our family's unschooling journey. They are not just teaching the learners.  There's an exchange of ideas, a mutual respect built between young learners and the adult learners/facilitators.  

Savage is decolonizing education and cultivating village.  I am so grateful to be a part of their movement." 

"We appreciate their transparent communication regarding the interactions that occur during learning time, and how things

are handled. We love the intimacy and community building, and the trust that is maintained. The schedule and frequency of club meetings works well for us. SLE is just top notch!!"

“My 11-year old twins and 4-year old niece have been taking advantage of the small class size and individual attention provided here. It meant everything for me to see every child, along with Mrs. Savage, fully immersed in the reading and the conversations. My children enjoyed the intimate setting and the peace to concentrate and ask questions. I highly recommend the SLE."

“I loved watching my 8-year old's confidence grow when she worked on a lemonade stand project through the SLE.  She discovered how to create and plan for a project.  She got to interact with people in her neighborhood and she got to collaborate with her peers.  And she got to give back.  Mr. and Mrs. Savage were there guiding the kids through the process.  And Mrs. Savage is so good at working with the kids so they can see their gifts!"

“We love Savage Learning!  My son asks for Vibrant Math Club and has pledged to learn 5 years' worth of math because of it!  Before SLE, there were learning and teaching walls we couldn't break through.  Because of SLE, I've been able to understand my own learning better!  We look forward to another year of clubs!"

"My family utilizes the individualized learning partnership for my high school-age daughter. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for her. The Savage Learning Environment helped my daughter reduce her anxiety regarding difficult subjects by building her confidence and giving her the ability to think and learn in different ways. My daughter is ending the year more motivated about learning. " 

"I really like math club because you get to do math your own way...  I also like learning new knots and getting to play chess, especially when I play with the girls."

“This is where authentic learning happens...  Students are encouraged, engaged, and captivated by the freedom to learn."

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